Overall, Are You HEALTHY? Do You Know?

“Am I healthy?? I don’t know, am I? My weight is stable, I go up or down 5-7 pounds, but in general I keep it steady. With eating I follow a pretty regular 80/20 rule where I eat healthy at least 80% of the time. My schedule is overbooked most of the time. I cope with stress better on some days than others. Last year when my mother was sick, that took a toll on me..”, said my client, Jim.

When I speak with clients, or potential clients, we first discuss the specific wellness goals they have in mind, but I always ask about their overall health as well. Interestingly enough, not many people think about the overall state of their health on a regular basis. Do you?

If outwardly, you have no distinct symptoms, or at least no symptoms that impact your daily activity, it is easy to overlook or just not think about your health on a regular basis. That said, many of the clients I attract are beginning to be more aware, simply because they are aging, and are beginning to recognize the signs of bodily wear and tear. They also tend to dismiss any specific issues as “well, I am getting older and this is to be expected.”

When first meeting with Andrew, he mentioned that he simply looked at each new ailment as a sign of age with which he had limited control. Still very busy in a stressful job, he knew he was not taking as care of his health, but getting close to 60, he just believed the decline was inevitable. That said, just minutes later he proudly acknowledged he was still driving the same car after 15 years and it had well over 100,000 miles on it.

“Why do you think it held up so well?”

“Because I took great care of it and was meticulous with the maintenance.”

It was then that he had his AHA moment. Andrew is hardly alone in his taking better care of his car, his home, even his pets, than of himself.

Upon further discussion, Andrew understood that it is never to late to slow down, even reverse aging and diminished health when you begin to give your body a bit of love and attention. There is no need to wait until you begin to have symptoms or see the signs. Simply start now.

Ah, but where to begin. This article, from Your Lifestyle Strategy,  gives you a bit of direction.

Knowing WHY you may decide to take better care of yourself, say, to have the energy to stay physically active, to live long enough to see your grandchildren grow up, or to keep serious health issues at bay, is very important. However, equally important is the WHAT.

What are you willing to do NOW. This is inherently different than what you believe you SHOULD do. That is, the most effective and most efficient place to begin, with the what. What healthy behavior are you ready to introduce into your daily routine to begin improving or simply maintaining your health. Once you start with one healthy behavior, stay consistent, and gain some momentum, you will find adding the 2nd, even 3rd healthy behavior much easier to begin.

Overall health is often the most overlooked of the 7 areas of well-being simply because it seems to encompass everything. Take a look at the one area you are ready to address, and add a healthy behavior, today. You have a lot of miles left in you as well! Read more about the other areas of well-being on my blog.

If you would like to learn more about where to begin, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation here.


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