The Art of Follow Through:

How to Disrupt Your Distraction


Following through just got easier!

In this MASTERCLASS you'll discover...

  • How to confidently strengthen your connection to your wellness goals that will inspire you to continue exponentially gaining momentum even where inevitable challenges arrive.

  • How to fine tune your environment for maximum support especially when you energy levels physical or emotional, feel diminished, in order that you need not rely on willpower alone to propel your forward towards your goals.

  • How to immediately put systems into place that insure you leap, springs, and swing in the direction of your goals.

"Before Melissa I was burnt out and confused.  Now I have direction, excitement and energy again." ~ Sara

Dr. Melissa Healy

I believe it is time to redefine selfishness. The truth is, the best way to serve others and live with outrageous joy is to be the best YOU, you can be. This begins by being selfish about taking care of your most precious asset, your health and wellness.

       I am passionate about living an energetic, enthusiastic, healthy lifestyle, and helping others to do the same. I started down my path as a wellness coach while still a teenager, teaching aerobics to college athletes, and later to cruise ship passengers. Once back on dry land, I became a licensed chiropractor enabling me to provide clients with a more comprehensive approach to wellness. I also hold certifications in Health and Wellness Coaching, nutrition, and MindPT.

These experiences, followed by 17 years in the pharmaceutical industry, give me a strong appreciation for the importance of each individual taking charge of their own health. Once empowered and engaged, it takes only the slightest effort to set the whole person in motion toward a healthier routine. Like a row of dominoes, each move increases the motion of the next one.

        I am an outdoor enthusiast whether it is hiking the foothills of Pikes Peak, skiing in the rockies or simply socializing with the neighborhood dogs while walking my dog Carly!

Melissa Healy