Weight Loss, a Unique PERSPECTIVE

The past two months I have been sharing with you information on each of the 7 areas of well-being: life satisfaction, energy, nutrition, exercise, overall health, mental/emotional fitness, and now…the wait is over, let’s talk about weight.

Weight loss is all about PERSPECTIVE:

Purpose – What are all the reasons you desire to lose weight? List the benefits. Do you have a specific amount in mind? If you woke up tomorrow morning that much lighter, what would be different in your life? Be clear on this. Tomorrow begin acting as though these thigs are already different, as though you have already lost the weight.

Engage – Don’t just follow someone else’s plan for weight loss, create a plan specific to you. Where are you ready to begin, TODAY? What healthy behavior are you ready to add in the support of your losing weight? Perhaps, like my client Susan, you are not quite ready to change your eating habits. You know what? That is just fine. Believe it or not, Susan did lose the weight she wanted, yet did not put a change in her eating habits as part of her plan until month 2!! So much more changed over the year than just her losing weight.

Resistance – Where are you getting in your own way? What resistance is showing up, and do you let it derail your plan, or do you find ways to move past the resistance? For Mari, it was not liking to exercise. She had never experienced the endorphin rush that many do, when exercising. She would force herself to exercise until she reached her desired weight, then stop..completely stop…and and all exercise until she had put back on the weight she lost. She had to figure out what was really going on here. Many clients tell me time is an issue. Is it a true lack of time, or is exercise just not what you would choose to do with your time if you had it? Where else do you resist?

Solutions – Once you list all the areas you are resisting behavior change, begin to write out the solutions to overcome the resistance. Some may be more challenging than others to find a true solution. That is a good opportunity to brainstorm ways to get past this. As you begin to find solutions, you will find the list of areas you resist begins to get smaller and your progress to move faster.

Perseverance – Like willpower, pushing yourself to persevere can get in your way. Just like the battery in your phone, you will need to recharge. This is never more important than when your efforts do not produce results as quickly as you would like. Your frustration, especially if you have not completed all the steps above, will soon be the driving factor and possibly derail any progress you have made. The easiest way to recharge is by simply walking, talking, using self-care (asking yourself, “what do I need in this moment?”), sharing your goals with someone, having accountability, and keeping to a schedule.

Ease – YES, ease! What is the easiest way to begin making progress, start with the behaviors you find easiest to do now. Sometimes the path of least resistance IS the best path. Where have you had success in achieving a similar goal in the past? start there. Moderate changes can produce exponential momentum towards your goal! As you gain confidence in your ability to stick to your plan, add a new behavior here and there, further increasing your momentum exponentially.

Coach – If the ‘I can do this’ mantra only gets you so far, and you find yourself ready to throw in the towel, AGAIN, look into getting a coach. Sustainable long-term change is challenging. You are not meant to do it alone. If you are lacking in adequate support, partnership, and accountability, a coach may be just the thing that makes your results different this time.

Tenacity – Yes, you are going to be challenged at time, your willpower will run low, your excuses will be a mile long on some days, but “you can do this”! A little determination goes a long way. When your about to e a day go by without taking any steps towards your goal, revert back to the ‘one thing’ mentality. As Gary Keller asks in his book, The One Thing, “What is the ONE thing I can do such that everything else is easier or unnecessary?”

Intention – Revisit your intention DAILY, or multiple times a day. When part of your plan is no longer serving you, instead of scrapping the progress you have made, ask yourself what the intention of the particular behavior change is, and what else might you do to achieve the same intent?

Vision – Yes, you must revisit your vision, your purpose, your why, regularly. Post it where you can see it multiple times a day. Revise your vision if necessary. I have had client begin coaching with the initial purpose to lose weight, only to find themselves realizing it was never about the weight, it was the vision they have for their life, and weight loss was just a very small piece of it. Your vision may expand as you get a clearer perspective as well.

Execute – Yes, put together a system of your own design, adjust, adapt, but adhere to it…and execute it DAILY. All the purpose, intent and vision in the world will not get you to the outcome you desire if you fail to execute. It is what will make all the differene!

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