With Dr. Melissa Healy NBC-ICWHC


Need a Healthier Lifestyle?

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Determine what you are willing to do NOW
  • Discover how to fit wellness into your current lifestyle
  • Make the fundamental shift needed to achieve your goal
  • Learn how transition from achieving your goals to maintaining them


  • Workbook
  • Post Workshop Follow Up
  • Complimentary Snacks and beverages

Start ‘creating’ your way to better health today!

Workshop runs the second Monday of every month beginning July 9, 2018.

Space generously provided by

Hanson Hot Spring Spas

1835 Dublin Boulevard

Colorado Springs, CO 80918


If you’re here today, we know you are the kind of person ready to own your story, a story that elevates your life and those around you in a profoundly meaningful way.

Well, we can tell you that “A Tale of Two Narratives” is a great place to begin the journey!

It’s empowering to travel to a magical location, feel a transcendent shift in your life and create a transformative new story as 2017 comes to a close.

Join Melissa B. and Melissa H. and a fabulous group of fellow life changing storytellers for this wonderful 3 day/2 night Retreat in remarkable Manitou Springs, Colorado.

If you’re ready to learn how to release your current narrative, relax, recharge and craft a whole new narrative in a hands-on experiential environment, where you’re actually receiving navigation, support and feeling yourself shift  – this this is the ONE event you must participate in this year!

What Will You Gain From This Event?

  • Transition from being owned by your story to owning your story.
  • Learn to prioritize your needs in the midst of meeting the needs of others, with an actionable plan.
  • Say goodbye to ‘overwhelm’ and ‘autopilot’ and expand your belief in what is possible for you in 2018 .