"Melissa's profound presentation on 'Burn-out' was a sharp reminder for all of us to take a closer look at how we are living our lives."

"I was extremely impressed not only with the information Melissa covered on health and wellness, but also with how fluently and passionately she conveyed it."

" I was completely blown away by her stage presence! Her presentation was concise, informative and very engaging."

"Melissa is authentic, her struggles are your struggles, making her strategies appeal to a broad audience."

Melissa is an expert in breaking down the greater vision into small manageable pieces. Her interactive workshop offers tools and strategies that help participants narrow their focus, making moderate changes that create momentum in many areas. The audience leaves feeling they will be more successful, not overwhelmed by the process.


"Love Monday: 52 Strong"

Are you an  overwhelmed high performing professional feeling frustrated, unappreciated, and checked out on a daily basis?Do you spend Sundays dreading Monday morning?


  • The root cause of your discontent
  • How to shift to a positive perspective
  • The way to communicate in effectively navigating  conflict, creating appropriate boundaries, and building relationships
  • How to align your behavior  with the life you desire
  • How to establish the healthy habits necessary for overall well-being


"The Simple Fundamental Shift to Effective Change"

Do you face the challenge of knowing "where to begin" in improving your health and well-being? Are you afraid you will hate everything you need to do to improve your health?


  • What vision you have for improved well-being
  • The simplest first step
  • How to manage your behaviors to align with your vision
  • To create and internal and external environment that supports your health and well-being


"The Victory Factor"

Where do you lack confidence and self-esteem? How is this effecting you personally and professionally?


  • How to reconnect to your self-confident and authentic self
  • How to confidently and effectively communicate
  • How to incorporate positive body  language and voice skills in speaking

bout speaking to your group at Melissa.Healy@MelissaHealyCoaching.com or by calling 719-201-1194.